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Fashion photography workshop in trinidad

Do you want to take your photography to the next level?

THE ULTIMATE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP! 7 Day/6 Night Fashion Photography, Lighting & Marketing Workshop, OCTOBER 26TH – NOVEMBER 1st, 2014, In the Caribbean -Trinidad at the Hyatt Regency!
guide to beauty and fashion by jodi jones ebook

A Guide to Beauty & Fashion Lighting by Jodi Jones!

JUST RELEASED!  A Guide to Beauty & Fashion Lighting by Jodi Jones. This Ebook will guide you through lighting all your fashion and beauty shoots! It shows examples of my work and detailed lighting diagrams on where I placed the light, what modifiers I used, and why!
  • 140+ page Ebook!
  • Use this guide book as a way to think about light and how it relates to mood, tone, emotion, feelings and style!
  • This Ebook is a value-packed read that won’t waste your time!
  • Get inspiring photos, instructions, and diagrams!
  • Refer to this Ebook often during your step-by-step process to create stunning images!
  • If you truly do not want to change your photos then do not read it, but if you do, you must read it!
  • See inside the book now!

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