FOUNDER JODI JONES is a two time SILVER LIONS AWARD WINNER at the CANNES INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL of CREATIVITY for 2015 and the founder of Jodi Jones Studio.  Jodi’s photographs have appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Time Magazine and countless others. The TV Show “Women on Top” did a full episode on her life as a photographer. The TV show is about women who have achieved success in male dominated industries. Jodi is now traveling the world inspiring and speaking at seminars and workshops on creativity, entrepreneurship, and photography.  Jodi is represented by ZUMA PRESS MULTIMEDIA.

The Lifetime TV Show “Women on Top” about the life of photographer Jodi Jones


Jodi Jones is a fashion photographer, producer and creative director living in New York City.  She partners with luxury, fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to tell their stories through compelling photography. Jodi specializes in providing high-end lookbook, advertising, e-commerce, motion and social media content that does more than simply highlight a product – it draws the audience into the world of your brand.  Jodi and her team: industry famous wardrobe stylists, hair & makeup artists, cinematographers, and green-screen/CGI artists are available to bring your vision into reality.

Jodi Jones’s clientele includes leading brands in the fashion and commercial arenas. By staying on top of the constantly evolving landscape of fashion and luxury, we’re able to provide our clients with creative services that elevate them far above the competition.


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