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New York Fashion photographer Jodi Jones offers an exciting and unique opportunity to learn not only how to create beautiful concepts, images – but just as important –  how take your photography business to the next level and build a style, brand and launch a career!

Jodi will share her ideas in creating strong visual concepts which includes: creative techniques in lighting, inspiration, moodboards, directing your crew to understand a vision, posing the model to tell the story, and using light to create strong moods and emotions.

You will have the opportunity to shoot in the studio and/or on-location with your creative concept that you and Jodi have developed.  Jodi and her team will produce, art direct and cast a NY agency model in high fashion and beauty shoots for your portfolio, utilizing top hair, makeup and wardrobe stylists. Jodi will teach you her essential lighting techniques that she uses in her work to help “tell your story” and give your images a professional edge. Jodi will show you step-by-step on how she approaches the creative process of making a compelling image along with the technical knowledge needed to be confident in your technique on set for clients.  Jodi’s private one-on-one training courses are like getting a degree in fashion photography but for a fraction of the cost and customized to your goals.  Plus you will get real experience working with real pros and walk away from the experience with a working portfolio and business knowledge that will give you a real start at making a career with your photography.

Jodi offers 3 workshop packages.  Please inquire with the studio for bookings: [email protected] or (917)-328-7877.  Please note: Non-commercial usage (portfolio usage only) of work created during the training.



One Month High-End Intensive Photography Training.  12 Full-Day Sessions over 4 weeks. 10-6pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 4 High Level Fashion & Beauty Shoots.  2 in Studio, and 2 On-Location.  Agency Models and Top Hair, Makeup and Fashion Stylist and Designer Clothing included. We will help you edit, retouch and create a portfolio of 30 High End images to make your working portfolio and create you a custom branded website to promote your work. Post production retouching training. Business plan with realistic monitored steps for advancing or starting your photography career. Photo studio and all lighting gear included. Behind the scenes videos of your shoots, on-going consultations for your business monthly for 1 year. Targeted list of contacts for your targeted industry.
$25,000 USD 


High-End Intensive Fashion Photography Training over the course of 5 straight days.  3 Full-Day Training Sessions and two custom photo shoot days. 10-6pm Monday – Friday. 2 High Level Fashion & Beauty Shoots in studio. Agency Models and Top Hair, Makeup and Fashion Stylist included. 10 High End images to make your working portfolio and for your website. Photo studio and all lighting gear included. Business plan with Monthly to dos for your Photography Career.
$10,000 USD



Two Day High-End Intensive Fashion Photography Training.  1 Full-Day Training Session and one custom photo shoot. 10-6pm Friday and Saturday. 1 High Level Fashion & Beauty Shoot in studio.  Agency Model and Top Hair, Makeup and Fashion Stylist included. 5 High End images to enhance your working portfolio and for your website. Photo studio and all lighting gear included.
$5,000 USD

Portfolio Development: You will photograph a beautiful high-fashion model. Jodi will be going over the “shot list” with you. Jodi will teach you how to approach a fashion shoot before getting “on set”. We will discuss creating a story & individual vision. With Jodi’s strong vision you will be guided to achieving beautiful portfolio images of your own!

Posing the Model: Jodi will talk about the steps to properly communicate emotion through poses. Jodi will show how to achieve an emotion while balancing the story. each photography student will be given time with the models & will have Jodi & her assistant there to instruct them.

Having set lighting positions allows you to easily communicate to your assistants and crew on where to place the lights, and gives you a solid foundation and understanding of the effect light plays on the face and body in different positions.

We will discuss the fundamentals for lighting for fashion including the seven main lighting positions that I use in my work. You can apply this to you work and we will practice them. We will cover gear, on location, and in studio lighting.

We will talk about how to control your light to control a mood and making the light seem natural. Creating sunlight when its overcast, controlling available light. We will play with lighting modifiers and where to place the light for the best impact.

A Capture One expert will give an in-depth teaching of how to create an efficient workflow using the software.

NYC Fashion photographer JODI JONES is a successful creative director and fashion photographer who has spent over a decade shooting Campaigns, Editorials, and New York City Fashion Week. Jodi Jones is a two-time SILVER LIONS AWARD WINNER at the CANNES INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL of CREATIVITY for 2015 and the founder of Jodi Jones Studio, a visionary studio that specializes in Creative Direction, Photography, Motion, Branding, Consulting and Marketing. Her work has appeared in magazines and newspapers worldwide including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Zink! and Time Magazine.

The Lifetime TV Special “Women on Top” a show about women achieving success in a male-dominated industry, did a full episode on Jodi’s early fashion career. You can view her TV Special on her website. www.JodiJonesStudio.com






The Lifetime TV special “Women on Top”, a show about women achieving success in a male-dominated industry, did a full episode on Jodi’s early fashion career. You can view the TV special below.



 A Guide to Beauty & Fashion Lighting by Jodi Jones. This Ebook will guide you through lighting all your fashion and beauty shoots! It shows examples of my work and detailed lighting diagrams on where I placed the light, what modifiers I used, and why!

  • 140+ page Ebook!
  • Use this guide book as a way to think about light and how it relates to mood, tone, emotion, feelings and style!
  • This Ebook is a value-packed read that won’t waste your time!
  • Get inspiring photos, instructions, and diagrams!
  • Refer to this Ebook often during your step-by-step process to create stunning images!
  • If you truly do not want to change your photos then do not read it, but if you do, you must read it!


Get a copy of the new ebook on lighting!  Click here!


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