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Nov/Dec issue of Nail It! Magazine is out on newsstands!

Here is the latest beauty and nail art editorial shoot I did for Nail it magazine.  It’s always nice when you get the chance to work with a great crew and model, as was the case with this shoot.

Nailit! Magazine Interview with Jodi Jones.

1. Our shoot centered around the idea of “cozy warmth” – but we were trying to evoke a colder environment through wood accents. What was your favorite element of our wood set? Why?

I loved the white wood element.  There is this really interesting recycled prop store in Brooklyn where film production companies donate their previously used set items and I had purchased these pieces of wood a while ago, thinking that I might use them on set someday. I stored the wood in my studio for months not knowing what project I was going to use them for until Jamie, the art director on this shoot contacted me. Viola!

2. It was hot as heck outside while we were shooting our “cozy” story. Do you prefer cold weather or warm weather? Why?

I am definitely a warm weather girl, unless I am somewhere inside by a fire watching it snow outside. That’s romantic.  But anything other than that, I need warmth and sunshine! Someday I will move outside of the city, I live in Brooklyn now, and buy a place at the beach in Costa Rica.

3. A lot of how we translated the cozy idea to nails was through what one wears when it’s cold (knits, parkas, fair isle sweaters). Do you have a favorite type of clothing to wear when it’s cold outside? Why?

I have a fashion client that makes cashmere sweaters. I am pretty lucky, as I have been given a dozen of them over the years and I live in them all winter long. As a fashion photographer, I love fall fashion.  Autumn is such a pretty time of the year for fashion. In the winter, before it gets too cold, I love a nice classic trench coat and a scarf. It’s elegant and simple.

4. General question (we ask one every time; same to all contributors): What are you currently inspired by? Can be anything! And, explain…

Wow, that’s tough because I am inspired just about everyday by something. In my neighborhood of Williamsburg Brooklyn, I love the street art. And I recently spent a month in Paris walking around the city absorbing the culture. That month has already had a huge impact on my work. I can see my style of photography evolving from that month in France. I love the architecture, style, language, fashion, food, and gardens from that city. I also got really inspired by the simplicity with beauty from the Parisian women. I also have been reading a lot lately. I probably read a new book or two every week lately. A favorite book that I recently re-read last week as The Alchemist by Pablo Coelho. Amazing!

Here are the tears, and an interview from the magazine below:

Nail It

Nail It

Nail It Nail It Nail It

Here’s a behind the scenes video of the shoot below!





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