The complete package from Start to Finish.

Photo: Valentino Handbags

Need high-end campaigns or e-commerce imagery, but don’t have the resources to plan, produce, shoot, and retouch?  Let Jodi Jones Studio do it for you.

We offer deluxe packages that include: pre-production, on-set production, photography, retouching, final file delivery, as well as optional motion packages that give you branded content for multiple channels.  Jodi Jones Studio’s experienced production team guarantees a smooth workflow throughout the entire process – even on the most detailed projects.

We have developed a seamless process to ensure your vision is brought to life on time and in a way that exceeds your expectations.

Taking it to the next level

Photo Autumn Cashmere

Stay ahead of the curve with our high-end e-commerce packages.  Offering full service proofing, as well as optional motion packages, we work with each client to ensure that JJS full suite of services are leveraged to deliver their ideal brand vision.

Our cutting-edge creative studio will help you simplify and add consistency to your e-commerce content.

High End Imagery


Jodi and her team will help you coordinate all aspects of photography for your brand. Top talent, including photographers, stylist, art directors, CGI artists, hair/makeup artists and more manage every production detail from start to finish.

As a New York City based, premier full service photo production house, JJS will help you tell your brand’s story through compelling photography. Our talented crew ensures you receive imagery that meets your high creative standards, and we will do more than simply highlight your product; we will draw the audience into the world of your brand.

Like!  Retweet!  Share!

Leave a lasting impression for your followers with dedicated social media content from JJS. We connect products to people through meaningful imagery and videos that are personal, engaging and relevant to your digital audience.

Our fresh take on social media will drive consumer-to-consumer marketing, increasing sharing on all sites – getting you noticed in all the right ways.

Imagine the Possiblities

Our CGI experts leave no detail overlooked.  We have built a team of industry leading CGI experts with full capability in both still and motion.

As CGI develops as a leading technology for high scale visual asset creation, we follow through with the ongoing developments to ensure we provide our customers with the highest levels of both still and animation for their digital campaign developments.

The Finishing Touch

At JJS, our team of talented retouchers enhance your creative vision with expert retouching, file sizing, cropping, and a number of other post production services.  We use the most up-to-date equipment to ensure your work is visually consistent across all mediums, and produce the best final result.

We also offer on-set retouching for clients with tight deadlines. Our on-set retouchers will be available the day of your shoot to increase efficiency, and reduce post-production time by achieving results almost instantaneously.


Motion, Location Scouting, Moodboards, Shot-lists, Casting, Catering, Wardrobe Styling, Manicurist, Hair & Makeup.


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