“Tell Deeper Stories”
Learn to shoot with purpose and create new work at a deeper, more impactful level. Jodi Jones will talk about the importance of storytelling with photography to get the attention of your audience and engage them. Know what you want to say before taking the shot!

Jodi will cover the importance of shooting with a purpose and talk about her philosophy behind some of her images. Jodi will detail how she finds inspiration then molds it into a shoot, and how through carefully thought-out techniques one can convey a stronger a message in their work, no matter what kind of photography one shoots. Don’t miss this exciting seminar!
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Please inquire with the studio to schedule one:  info@jodijonesstudio.com

Jodi Jones Fashion and Advertising Photographer in nyc.
NYC Fashion Photographer JODI JONES is a successful creative director and fashion photographer who has spent over 10 years shooting Campaigns, Editorials, and Runways for New York City’s Fashion Week. Jodi has been invited by the world’s most recognized designers including Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, and Anna Sui to shoot their collections. Jodi Jones also shot Kenneth Cole’s recent video campaign with AKQA. Her photographs have appeared in Zink, Vogue, Kurv, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Time and countless others. Jodi has photographed numerous celebrities including Jack Nicholson, Moby, J-Lo, Paris Hilton, and Pamela Anderson to name but a few. Jodi works in various forms of multimedia; from complex fashion shoots producing both still image campaigns to creative fashion films and videos. Jodi creates compelling imagery and concepts for fashion magazines, advertising campaigns, art installations, runway shows, fashion designer lookbooks, beauty campaigns and fashion accessory companies. Jodi is represented by ZUMA Press.
The Lifetime TV special “Women on Top”, a show about women achieving success in a male dominated industry, did a full episode on Jodi’s early fashion career. You can view the TV special below. www.jodijonesstudio.com


A Guide to Beauty & Fashion Lighting by Jodi Jones!EBOOK1

 A Guide to Beauty & Fashion Lighting by Jodi Jones. This Ebook will guide you through lighting all your fashion and beauty shoots! It shows examples of my work and detailed lighting diagrams on where I placed the light, what modifiers I used, and why!

  • 140+ page Ebook!
  • Use this guide book as a way to think about light and how it relates to mood, tone, emotion, feelings and style!
  • This Ebook is a value-packed read that won’t waste your time!
  • Get inspiring photos, instructions, and diagrams!
  • Refer to this Ebook often during your step-by-step process to create stunning images!
  • If you truly do not want to change your photos then do not read it, but if you do, you must read it!


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guide to beauty and fashion by jodi jones ebook

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